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Children First Press Release For #KKK4L Child Month 2018 Treat

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Children First, is our unique community-based organization formed in 1997 which uses creative participatory and developmental approaches in providing life changing programmes for children and adolescents. We have locations in Kingston and St. Catherine. We facilitate bi-weekly Wednesday Kreatively Kool Kids for Life sessions at our Kingston location i.e. 2 Moresham avenue, off Molynes road, Kingston.

Our Kreatively Kool Kids for Life session involves 4 primary schools. They are Dupont primary, Seaward primary, Cockburn gardens primary and St. Patrick’s primary students respectively. Our aim to assist with increasing awareness of children’s rights, provide literacy sessions and influence entrepreneurial skillsets and sensitization to job roles responsibilities for students to work towards.

At Children First, primary focus is the preservation of nation’s children. May 2018 being Child month. We successfully organized Kreatively Kool Kids for Life (#KKK4L) Child’s month treat on Wednesday May 30, 2018. We gained support of Honey Bun Jamaica and JP St. Mary’s Banana Chips to provide snacks for our 4 participating schools. The children genuinely appreciated snacks such Honey Bun Jamaica donuts, Kool Kids box drinks and JP St. Mary’s Banana chips which was shared during snack time. Special thanks to Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2017 – Miss Dainalyn Swaby that contributed to treat by providing an enjoyable and educational reading session for all students and drove home May’s child month theme: “AFFIRM Me” – Acknowledge, Favour, Friend, Influence (positively) and Motivate me as a child. She encouraged that this theme must be carried on for all stages of their lives. She even performed an uplifting poem called “Hey Black Child” by Maya Angelou to spark strength and purpose for our #KKK4L students. The children listened and focused on impactful positive words of poem.

#KKK4L Child month treat was in full swing with many exciting activities for students such as dandy shandy, Chinese skip, drumming sessions and music for impromptu dance and sing along too.

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