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Youth Wellness Center
Youth Wellness Center Logo

Youth Wellness Center

The Children First Youth Wellness Center (YWC) is a response to two critical challenges facing young people in Jamaica; their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection as shown by an increased infection rate among adolescents; and the reluctance of youth to use national health care facilities because they are insensitive to their needs.


The Center  provides a unique combination of services aimed at equipping each young person with the information, skills and health care needed to combat the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. The Youth Wellness Center (YWC) offers:


  • Education and vocational skills training

  • Job placement opportunities 

  • User-friendly support services

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Bashy Bus Kru
Bashy Bus Kru Logo

Sexual and Reproductive Health Information Service Islandwide

Children First Agency’s premier innovation, the Bashy Bus, was pioneered as Jamaica’s first mobile reproductive health and information service, geared at empowering young people to make healthy life choices.


The Bashy Bus Kru provides adolescents with easily accessible, youth-friendly health services in a bid to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections in Jamaica. 


The eye-catching "Bashy Bus” is equipped with an examination room as well as multimedia and audio equipment to appeal to its target audience. Health screening, information, contraceptives and psychosocial services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of outreach workers, social workers, psychologists and other trained health care professionals, whilst maintaining a standard of quality and confidentiality. Notably, clientele that are deemed most at risk i.e. key populations, including persons living with HIV are catered to via the linkage to care, treatment and support/case management services.

The Bashy Bus Kru also features as the edutainment arm of the Agency, delivering life-changing behavior modification presentations tailored to tackle a myriad of social issues. Edutainment packages involve performances delivered by a diverse team of peer educators, trained in the use of creative/ performing arts as well as cultural approaches for transformation. 

Bashy Bus Activities

Bashy Bus HIV and Syphilis Testing & Counseling