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Who We Are

We are a unique community organization providing life changing programmes for children and adolescents.


Based in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Children First is Jamaica’s largest programme of this type, offering social, educational and training programmes for youngsters in the 10-24 age group while empowering their parents and guardians to overcome poverty and enhance daily life through successful skills training and small business projects.


Children First has been recognized at home and abroad for its creative, participatory approach, which ensures its young clients full involvement including decision-making at the Board of Directors level.

Our Mission

The Mission of Children First is to work with street, working and vulnerable children, to improve their life opportunities and enable their contribution to society, through active engagement with children and young people, their families, communities and institutions which affect their lives.

Our Vision

A Jamaica in which children are active participants in a country which respects, protects, and fulfils their rights to develop to their full potential, free from abuse and neglect.

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Our Programs & Projects


The YWC provides a unique combination of services aimed at equipping each young person with the information, skills and health care needed to combat the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.


Children First Agency's premiere innovation, Bashy Bus Kru, provides Sexual and Reproductive Health Information Services across the island to empower young people to make healthy life choices.  

Project GYAL

An advocacy, literacy and empowerment campaign aimed at reducing Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Jamaica.

Man Amp'd

This project aims to impact, empower and re-socialize vulnerable young men through targeted interventions and skills training.


The “Anti-Bullying Project" aims to build the capacity of key stakeholders and caregivers to identify and respond to bullying, and equip them as to how to reduce bullying in their environments.

Spotlight Initiative

The Spotlight Initiative is a global campaign launched in 2020 that aims to aid in the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030.


USD $25,000!

In commemorating our 25th Anniversary, we undertaking a #25for25 fundraiser.


We are asking CFA Supporters and well-wishers to share the campaign with 25 of your friends and family to contribute USD 25$ or $250 or $2500.

The aim of the fundraiser is to support our programmes and initiatives for Jamaica's most vulnerable.

Be sure to leave your best wishes when you contribute - "Happy 25th CFA - From John Brown' 



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Claudette Richardson-Pious

Executive Director

Mrs. Claudette Richardson-Pious, visionary and pioneer has been guiding and implementing programmes for some of Jamaica's most vulnerable, over the last 23 years. Her work and training has equipped her with the skills to deliver in multifarious capacities as master trainer and counsellor, child rights and HIV/AIDS activist, and a cultural approaches consultant. Mrs. Pious’ has earned a BSc. of Arts in Mass Communication and a MSc. in Social Work. Notably, she is a recipient of the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence for public and civic contributions.

Dillon Ricketts-min.jpg

Dillion Ricketts

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator oversees the planning and implementation of various outreach prevention
strategies and activities. These can be characterised by peer-to-peer counselling and information sharing
centred around Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health issues with emphasis on HIV and STIs. These services are carried out by the Bashy Bus Kru team members, which consists of trained Peer Educators/ Outreach Workers, who operate both in the traditional outreach and online space. These services are carried out primarily on our roving mobile reproductive health unit called the Bashy Bus. Bashy Bus Kru members are also instrumental in conducting empowerment and capacity building sessions which take the form of edutainment - education through the performing arts - as well as life-skills sessions. 

Walisa Ward-min.jpg

Walisa Ward

Case Manager

The Case Manager’s role is to provide effective leadership and guidance to the Linkage to Care, Treatment and Support Department. This section consists of a coordinated multidimensional and multidisciplinary team that provides a holistic approach in aiding at risk clients (which include persons living with HIV). The support is provided through the Agency’s services which are designed to empower, motivate and create positive and dynamic change in the lives of our clientele. Furthermore, clients are given the appropriate tools to aid in developing their coping skills and encourage healthy decision making practises. 

Jovane Blagrove-min.jpg

Jovane Blagrove

Monitoring, Evaluating and Quality Assurance Officer

Mr. Blagrove heads the Data Operations Unit of Children First Agency. This segment is deemed the nucleus of the BBK HQ location in Kingston, as it is responsible for the objective and on-going assessment of the Agency’s services. This includes comprehensive reviews, monitoring and evaluation of the various projects, grants and programmes against intended objectives and goals. Additionally, the Unit collects and analyzes data to provide guiding information to inform the various projects and interventions, generates various external reports, as well as perform quality assurance processes to ensure that the Agency is providing optimal services and products to clients.

Mr. Myles- YWC Headshot.jpg

Gassett Miles

Skills Instructor

A proud graduate of the Agency, Mr. Miles is presently one of the skills instructors, particularly for
barbering and hair styling. He has been giving back in this role of training youngsters and finding job
placement for participants/learners for approximately 13 years. Mr. Miles is primarily based at the Agency’s Youth Wellness Centre (YWC) at Adelaide Street in Spanish Town. The YWC provides HEART certified courses taught by trained facilitators. By extension, the YWC also offers assessments and counselling sessions as well as referral services to partnering agencies for clients to maximize on other opportunities.

Janeka Blake

Finance Officer

Ms. Blake is the Finance Officer in the Agency’s Administrative Office, located at 9 Monk Street in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. She is responsible for undertaking the finance operations of the Agency.