Peer Educator/Outreach Worker

Kingston, Jamaica

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


    Creating a confidential/youth-friendly environment for the project
    Providing peer education support services and information in relation to risk reduction, condom negotiation skills building, risk assessment and general HIV/AIDS and other STI information
    Monthly recruitment for reach and testing interventions (access VCT screening for HIV and Syphilis)
    Participating in outreach activities and/or edutainment sessions at hotspots to provide:
    HIV/STI risk reduction education, safer sex materials
    One-on-one sensitization and encouragement to access VCT screening services
    Assist with HIV Screening including registration, and support Counselling and Testing
    Creating space and opportunity to understand the importance of VCT screening, access to treatment care and support and the importance of support groups
    Have knowledge of health services and be able to refer participants to social services they need.



The selected individual must possess the following:

  • Secondary Level Education – minimum of 3 CXC’s (English and Mathematics)

  • Prior experiences as an HIV/STI Peer Educator including conducting community outreach interventions or a Ministry of Health Certified VCT Counsellor will be an asset

  • Excellent communications, organizational and leadership skills

  • Must have a working knowledge and information on the latest Adolescent Reproductive Health Issues

  • In addition, the selected individual must display a high level of flexibility and be able to travel to all locations being visited by the mobile clinic

  • Creativity - singing, drama, and music, is an asset