Communication Officer

Kingston, Jamaica

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

    Organize and participate in workshops and other skill building training sessions (as
    necessary) in order to equip Social Media team to properly and professionally:
    ● Develop strategies to build the brand or image of Children First and its programmes.
    ● Establish suitable target markets and create postings relevant to each target market.
    ● Communicate to the target audience about the function of the Children First Agency, achievements and its various life-changing projects.
    ● Correct and clarify common misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS etc.

    Conduct ongoing research, create and submit a newspaper article highlighting the activities and work of Children First at least twice per quarter.

    Formulating and/or facilitating at least 2 social media posts and consistent engagement on the various platforms daily.

    Ensuring that information, pictures and videos disseminated to the public are
    appropriate and conspicuous.

    Publishing the initiatives of the as a MAJOR INITIATIVE under the Children First Agency. This publication should highlight:
    ● The importance of knowing one HIV status as a part of Healthy and fulfilled life.
    ● Encouraging cooperation between different advocacy groups. Thus, increasing

    Meeting with social media team via whichever means of communication convenient to all
    parties at least twice per month to discuss and provide updates and facilitate feedbacks
    regarding posts.

    Establishing and maintaining links with other social media experts as necessary.

    Assisting in the monitoring of funds on NGO’s sites.

    Ensuring timely and effective execution of social media posts.

    Any other duties as assigned in ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with the Project Proposal Document, Operation Manual, Global Fund Guidelines and Children First guidelines and policies.


Skills & Qualification

● First Degree in Media & Communication or any other related field

● Atleast one (1) year of experience utilizing social media for youth empowerment & advocacy

● Multi-skilled in effective communication & networking

● Proficient in using media communication equipment & editing software (Adobe Suite)

● Proficient in utilizing and analyzing social media tools

● Proficient in photography (Would be an asset)